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  1. A drama teacher friend of mine posted a link to your blog. I’m so glad I found it! I’m currently in my second year of teaching high school drama and have been working on a project to improve my teaching. Each month I pick a skill to work on based on what did not work last year. I feel like your blog will be a useful resource. Here is the link if you are interested. (

    1. Thanks so much for reading and responding–and for posting on your blog! If you’re interested, I have a Drama curriculum that I developed and would be happy to share with you, though it sounds from your blog as if your student body is a little different than mine was; I had no budget and my students were in a high-poverty community; they had never taken drama before and for many of them, it was a cross between therapy and social-emotional skill development. Still, we did some really great exercises and a lot of them got pretty good by the end (and several of them were fantastic.) Let me know if you’re interested in curriculum-sharing and I’ll dig in!

  2. Hello,
    I just read a part of some writing that was apparently reposted by someone at Washington Post about your burning out experience. I have to say I’ve been feeling the same way in a district that is 100% free lunch (dictated by poverty) in an agricultural community in Washington State. What I appreciate about what you wrote is that it is right on the money. I have been working with the same district for four years now, I’m 28 and I don’t have time to date or see the sun during the school year. During the summer I am so wiped and strapped for cash that I accomplish little and it makes me very worried about my decisions involved in my life career. But the sad thing is that I love teaching. There are more bad moments than good, but the good are amazing. I wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you wrote. I’m curious though with you background in writing/producing if you wouldn’t be able to do some kind of video production that might show this aspect of teaching. Usually the only people that understand the complications of the job are parents/students that are heavily involved and the teachers/administrators themselves. This is what makes it harder for us to be able to speak up and ask for better working conditions. When we picket or protest the way education is practiced in the U.S. the media covers it as teachers whining about not getting paid enough for 9 months of work. You see this when you look at media reports of the Chicago strike from a few years ago. The teachers wanted a change in their contract, but it was about the students, not how much the teachers would get paid.
    The only video representation of education in America that has gotten major attention for those outside of education is Waiting for Superman. While the documentary was great at explaining that there is a problem with education and that charter school might be a good solution, it does not address the angle from the teacher.
    I’m not asking or making a suggestion because I want more money, but basically more support and understanding. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have a raise that was actually voted on seven years ago by Washington State that our legislature somehow keeps pushing back, but I would feel better about the pay check if I knew that I was not exhausted, sleep/sun deprived, and constantly wondering if I should have done something different with my life.
    It would be nice to have someone who has been there use their skills in the media industry to raise awareness of the real issues in education and not what the federal/state governments are constantly saying are the problems.
    Anyways, thank you for the writing. It was not an ideal scenario, but nice to hear that I am not the only one feeling like it is such a privilege to teach, but so tired of it at the same time. Good luck to helping and promoting education and support 🙂

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